26 Jun 2003

Herbert Park Match Report

Herbert Park Inaugural Football Match

With approximately half the first arrivals to Herbert Park taking to the pitch in yellow jerseys, for a while it was just like watching Brazil. And then the football arrived... By the time the game was in full swing, there must have been a dozen kayakers attempting to kick lumps out of each other and occasionally the ball. Numbers were swelled by the arrival of a number of foreigners. This was initially seen as a sinister development, particularly when some of them produced football boots and began doing warm-up stretching. Mutterings about 'creeping professionalism' proved unfounded as only some of them turned out to be any better than the rest of us. It should be noted that these foreigners were from abroad.

In the finest Enniscrone tradition, there was a grievous injury. A chap called Brian crashing to the ground with an horrific ingrown toenail-related injury.

Outstanding performance of the day must be D. Curley, showing previously unknown talent in goals.

After the match, the athletes partook of refreshing pints of apple juice in McCloskey's, at which point KP admitted that it was he who ate all the pies.

Next match on Tuesday, again at 6. All welcome.