28 Jul 2003

Aproximado para baixo ao Parque de Herbert amanhã em 6:00.

Astringents and flagellations,

• Attendees at this week’s game are advised that there will be further construction work at the main entrance to El Stadio Daddio Magnifico Herbert Olympico Hampden Park Neucamp Maine Road Bernabau San Siro Giants Penrith Palladium Stadium of Light Fantastic of Perchance to Dreams. The hoarding above the main gate is being widened to allow for the ever-increasing name of the stadium. 

• To accommodate this restructuring, there is the possibility that next weekend’s game will be away. Yes, Herbert Park Rangers are going on the road, with many first team regulars making the trip out to the Island of Achill for a match in the magnificent Stadio Mosquito. The opposition may be little but they sure have a nasty bite. Tomorrow’s game will go ahead as normal at 6:00 PM. 

• Portuguese Footballing Phrase of the Week: For chanting at the opposition in the Stadio Mosquito: ‘Ouch, feckers pequenos’ which means ‘Ouch, little feckers.’