Scotland '07 version 2.0 - In May 2007, the team loads up a bunch of cartoon kayaks into the lemony lime comedy car and heads to the Italian Alps.

Long-time readers will be delighted to hear that Simon is back.

Young Tom is also travelling and wanted to bring his trangia. Simon told him:

"Trangias are great for preparing food that doesn't require heat for extended periods of time... a nice salad is the sort of food that can be perfectly well prepared in a trangia, as can a packet of Tayto. Simply open packet of Tayto, pour into trangia dish and enjoy. No need to light the meths, which is far better used as a mixer for your buckfast anyway.

The kettle that comes with your trangia can be coupled with half a pint of water, tinfoil, duct tape and a BIC pen to create the most amazing bong."

Like we said, Simon is back...

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'L'indecisione č la chiave a flessibilitā'



In May, the MaņanaMaņana usual suspects, plus El Diablo and Young Tom, headed to the Italian Alps.